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August 5, 2012
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David took a deep breath and stepped onto the bus.  This was the third bus he had gotten on since leaving that afternoon, but this one was different because it would be a six hour ride all the way through the night.  He was a little nervous from leaving home, but David knew he couldn't be around Karl now that he was a girl or else he would probably do something he would regret.  It was bad enough to be attracted to your own sibling, but it was worse that his personality completely changed.  It was almost like Karl died and he was replaced by another person.

David thought back to their hiking trip and that strange cave that they found.  The crystal that exploded in his face must have been the cause for the transformation, but it confused him why it affected Karl and not him.  He planned to go back to the cave later on to see if he could find any clues, but for now, he just wanted to get away from home to think things over and research anything he could find about how to change his brother back.  David adjusted his brother's hat; it was a constant reminder of what had happened to Karl.

Inside the bus, David saw that there were hardly any passengers.  There was the bus driver, and two older men near the front; the back was completely empty.  He opted to go to the back so he could be by himself as much as possible.  He put his bag away in the compartment above and settled down in a seat.  The seats were very comfortable and they reclined pretty far back.  'Good,' David thought, 'I think I'll be able to sleep tonight.'

"Hey, dude," David heard a voice speak to him.  He looked up and saw a guy in his early twenties with a lot of luggage.  "Do you think you could help me get my stuff up there?"

"Sure, I can help," David replied.  After a few moments of lifting and adjusting, they were able to get everything secured.  They sat down in seats across the row from each other.  The guy introduced himself and they began to talk.

"Thanks a bunch.  My name is Sam," the guy started, holding out his hand to shake.

David shook his hand and responded, "I'm David.  It wasn't a problem at all."  As they released hands, Sam stared at his hand a little bit, but then he seemed to dismiss it.

Sam continued, "So, what brings you on this fine bus?  You seem to be a little young to be traveling completely by yourself."

"I am 16; I'm not that young." Sam held up his hands in apology.  "Anyway, I'm going to my relative's house in the city to stay with them for the rest of the summer.  What about you?"

Sam shrugged.  "I just graduated from college and I've got a job lined up.  I'm going in for an interview tomorrow."  The bus driver announced that they were departing.  "Well, I better get some shut eye.  Good night."

"G'night."  David found a comfortable position in the seat.  He was uncertain about what he was going to do, but he figured he would take it one day at a time.


Two hours later, Sam woke up.  At first, he thought he had to go to the bathroom, which would be terrible since there was no restroom on the bus and they still had four hours left.  With a sigh of relief, he didn't need to go, but he still felt something wrong with his body.  He stood up to stretch and check to see if anything was wrong.  

Standing up, his clothes felt really loose.  Sam never really thought he was overweight, but he was far from skinny.  Now, he needed to tighten his belt two slots in order to keep them from falling off.  His t-shirt also felt like it was a size too big.  'Odd,' he thought, 'I must have skipped one too many meals since I started traveling.'  He decided the reason his body felt strange was because he was hungry.  Luckily, he had some snacks in his luggage.

As he was rummaging through his stuff, the kid he met before opened his eyes and asked if anything was wrong.  Sam apologized for waking him and said everything was just fine.  The kid went back to sleep.  Sam managed to find some food and settled back down in his seat to try to get more sleep.

After an hour of being restless, Sam realized he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep any time soon.  His body still felt a little off.  He got up to try a different seat and also so he wouldn't disturb anyone else.  As he walked further back, his clothes no longer felt loose.  'Maybe it was just my imagination,' he thought.  However, he failed to notice that his clothes shrunk and he didn't return to his original size.  He felt a little wobbly as he walked, but he figured it was due to the moving bus.

He sat down in a different seat and pulled out his phone to play games on it, hoping to either pass time or become tired.  As he played, something kept on brushing past his ears.  It was his hair; usually, he kept it fairly short, but apparently it had been a while since he got a haircut.  He made a mental note to get it cut before his interview.

After a few minutes of playing games, his chest started to itch.  He would scratch it absentmindedly, but it would always come back a few minutes later.  He had to put the phone away after the fifth time, because the itch turned to pain.  He examined his chest and saw that it was swelling into two little mounds.  He started to panic and he wanted to call for help, but at that moment, his throat clenched up so he couldn't make a sound.  Desperate, Sam tried to stand up, but his body wouldn't listen to him and he fell flat on his face.  Luckily, with a lot of effort, he was able to climb back up to his seat, but otherwise, he was immobile.

His chest continued to swell.  The mounds were now pressing tight against his shirt.  'They almost look like…' Sam thought, 'Oh no.' Sam opened his pants and sure enough, his manhood was gone.  As he looked, his hips had expanded, which explained why he couldn't move.  'How is this possible? I'm turning into a… a girl.'  He examined his chest once again and surprisingly, they were still growing, to the point where the shirt was starting to stretch.

Suddenly, his breasts (he was forced to call them that) pressed so hard against the shirt that it ripped.  The rip started at the collar and it ran down the middle of the shirt.  As he looked down, revealed his ample, firm cleavage.  "Ah!"  He let out an involuntary girly scream as his throat released.  His breasts swelled a little bit more, but stopped soon after his shirt ripped.

Sam couldn't help but examine his breasts; in fact, he couldn't take his eyes off of them.  Relatively, they were quite large.  Every little movement caused them to jiggle a little bit.  Sam had to hold them still so it wouldn't hurt so much, which caused a sensation to burst through his body.  "Why did this happen to me?" Sam said in a quiet feminine voice.

He noticed his clothes started to change some more.  The rip that formed began to even out, so that his shirt was now a low V-neck, still revealing the cleavage.  Sam could feel a strap wrapping around him underneath the shirt; he realized it was a bra.  Gratefully, it took away some of the pressure and weight off of his shoulders.

He decided he needed to take a good look through a mirror.  After a few moments of getting used to standing up and walking, Sam made his way to his bag and found his hand mirror.  He couldn't believe what he saw: a cute girl with huge green eyes and bright red hair stared back at him.  Overwhelmed and exhausted, Sam couldn't stand anymore.  He fell into the seat right next to David and fell fast asleep, hoping when he woke up, it would all be a dream.


David woke up without opening his eyes to something warm and soft pressing against him.  It felt nice and he wanted to fall back to sleep.  Gradually, he recognized he had no idea what it was.  He opened his eyes and saw a very pretty girl with red hair sleeping almost on top of him.  Her breasts were pressed firmly against his body and her arms wrapped around him.  It took all the self-control he could muster to first stop himself from freaking out or lose control of his emotions.

"Um, excuse me," David managed to say, "Could you wake up please?"  The girl opened her eyes and saw how close they were to each other.  She started to blush profusely and she jumped back.

"I'm sorry," she said in a quiet timid voice, trying not to look at David, "I don't know how that happened."

As she moved back, David could see the girl a little better.  She looked to be about eighteen and she had bright red hair that went to the nape of her neck.  He could tell she was just a little bit shorter than him.  He couldn't help but notice how big her breasts were; he blushed a little bit as he remembered they were pressed against him.  It didn't help that she had on a low V-neck shirt that showed her cleavage.  Her pants were also very tight, which showed off her figure.  It didn't really make sense that she would wear those types of clothes, since the girl seemed so innocent and timid.

David asked, "Who are you exactly?  If I remember right, there weren't any girls on the bus when I got on and I assumed it didn't stop for the whole night."

The girl looked surprised and a little sad, "You don't remember me?  I guess I don't make that big of an impression."

"No, no, you definitely make a big impression.  I'm pretty sure I would remember someone like you."

"It's me, Sam.  We talked right before we went to sleep."

It took a few moments for David to connect the dots, but once he did, a wave of fear and confusion washed over him.  "Oh no, it happened again," he said quietly.  He realized the crystal in the cave did affect him: it causes other people around him to transform.  So far, it was limited to turning into a girl, but David wasn't sure if that was the only effect.

"What happened again?" the girl Sam asked quietly, with a bit of curiosity in her voice.

"Sam, do you remember being a guy?"

She gave David a funny look, and then responded, "I guess so, but it's a little fuzzy."  Just as she started to think a little harder, the bus came to a stop and the bus driver announced they had arrived at the destination.  "Oh, we're here.  I'm so nervous," Sam said, and then she looked at David pleadingly, "Do you think you can come with me?  I'm not good with new places."

Caught a little off guard, David responded, "Yeah, sure.  I don't mind, but you'll need to answer my question."

After a bit unloading, David and Sam were standing at the bus station with their luggage.  Sam clutched David's arm.  This was different from when Karl changed into a girl.  Karl seemed to hold on to his arm to be able to get closer to David, while Sam looked afraid and needed someone to depend on.  David felt bad for Sam since he was the cause for making her this way.  "So," David inquired, "Where do you need to go?"

Sam looked at David pointed in a direction. "I've rented an apartment; it's a few blocks that way."  

"Alright, let's go," David said, picking up most of the luggage.  They walked in silence most of the way with Sam still holding on to his arm.  David tried to ask her a few questions, but Sam wasn't able to remember very much about her personality before; she just remembered external things, such as her family and school, but she didn't talk much about them, due to her shy personality.  David also began to blush a lot.  As people saw David and Sam walking, Sam seemed to draw a lot of attention due to her figure and clothes; also, she was incredibly pretty.  David didn't really know how to handle all of the stares.

As they came closer to the apartment, Sam blurted out, "Can you… Do you think you can live with me in my apartment for a little while?  I don't want to be alone."  Her face turned bright red again as she stared at her feet.

David didn't know what to think.  He was originally going to try to find a cheap apartment by himself, but this would solve that matter easily.  He also felt guilty about Sam and it would calm him down to watch over her.  "Yeah, I think that would work out fine," David replied.  Sam's face lit up into a big smile and she hugged him closer.  'I'm staying just to look out for her, and not just because she's cute and I need a place to stay,' he thought, trying to convince himself that his motives were pure.  But he began to doubt himself because whenever he looked at Sam, his eyes were always drawn to her cleavage, even when he didn't want them to.  'This'll be an interesting experience.'


After arriving at the apartment and sorting out the terms with the land lord, David and Sam found themselves alone in the apartment.  Sam gave David a big hug and thanked him for everything.  David blushed once again as he felt her body pressing against his.  He mumbled a "you're welcome" as he gave her a light hug back.  Sam seemed a lot more confident now that they were alone inside.

Suddenly, she pushed him back.  "How about you get in the shower first?" Sam said, "I'll prepare something special while you get ready so you can take your time."  David suddenly remembered it had been a long time since he had taken a shower, because of the camping trip and running away from home.  He probably smelled really bad.

David agreed and left for the bathroom.  He spent a long time in the shower thinking over the events of the last two days and how he ended up living alone with a cute girl.  He kept trying to recall that Sam was actually a guy, but she made it extremely difficult, especially since he didn't really know the boy Sam very well.

The most shocking revelation for the day was that David was the cause of the transformations.  Both people who have come in contact with David have transformed into girls.  He decided he would be more careful about meeting with people and avoid touching them.

David finished getting ready and went back to the kitchen.  He saw Sam and apparently Sam had changed clothes.  Now, she was wearing a pretty green dress that showed her shoulders and an apron that dipped low enough to show her cleavage.  She was focused on the pot over the stove.  Once she heard David enter, she turned and gave him a bright smile.  "I made breakfast," she said proudly.

David smiled gratefully; he was actually excited since it had been a long time since he had a decent meal.  However, his excitement melted away as she finished and gave him a bowl filled with something that didn't look edible.  He looked at Sam and gave her a fake smile, "Thank you.  Have you by chance tried this yet?"

"Nope, I was saving this just for you," she responded with a smile.

'This must be my punishment,' David thought.  David hoped that this wouldn't kill him.  He took a spoonful of the unknown substance and put it in his mouth.  It was horrible; dying was the better option.  Sam looked at him expectantly to see how she did.  David managed to swallow.  "It tastes wonderful."  Sam smiled happily and gave David another hug.  'Totally worth it," David thought.

"I'm so happy.  I can make you a meal every day.  Will that be okay?"

'Not worth it,' David thought once again.  As he was thinking of the best way to answer her, the doorbell rang.  "I got it," David said quickly as he rushed to the door.

It was the land lord, Simon.  Simon was in his mid-forties and he had balding hair and think rimmed glasses.  When Sam and he were talking to him before, he seemed rather dry.  "Yes?" David asked.

"I just came by to give you an extra key, since there are two of you," Simon said, holding out his hand.  David thanked him and held out his hand to accept the key.  Right when Simon touched his hand, David remembered his goal not to touch anyone, but it was too late now.  As Simon let go of the key, he gave his hand a funny look, then turned around to leave.  David thanked him and closed the door and immediately sat down on the floor.

Sam came over and said, "Is anything wrong?"

"I think I made a big mistake," David said, "We'll probably be having another visitor soon."
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I have mixed feelings about this one. I don't know if I like it or not. I got everything I wanted to write about, but I don't know if it's in the best way; I seem to repeat phrases and words a lot. I might go back later on to edit it. Anyway, let me know what you think and if there are any mistakes.
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