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"I'm so nervous," Sam said anxiously.  "What if they don't like me?"

"You'll do fine," David responded, trying to comfort her.  "It's impossible not to like you."  It was still hard to imagine this very well endowed girl was once a guy.  She was perfect in almost every way, except she couldn't cook at all; somehow, David was becoming used to the horrible food.  Sam was standing in front of the mirror, examining herself and adjusting her clothes.  She was wearing a collared shirt with the top two buttons undone, which showed a little cleavage, and a business skirt.

Sam took a deep breath and gave her best smile, "Okay, here I go."  David showed her out the door and waved good bye.  He sighed thinking that this was like a parent sending a child off to school for the first time.

It had been two days since Sam and David had moved into the new apartment.  Sam still went to the interview; David had no idea how she was able to convince the people that her paper had her gender wrong, but he could imagine they were a little distracted by her appearance.  As a result, Sam now had a job and this day was her first day.  David wanted to let Sam live her life as closely as possible to her life before as a guy.  David smiled.  Apparently, Sam studied computer programming back in college; the people who will work with her will be in for a surprise when they see her.

As David watched Sam leave, he saw Simon the landlord walk out to the street to take out the trash.  Simon saw David and gave him a small wave.  David was actually confused why Simon had not turned into a girl.  The only difference he could see was that he was wearing glasses, which he could have just not been wearing them before.  He had a lot of theories, such as maybe they didn't work on older people or David no longer had the ability.  Either way, it was very hard to test without touching someone else; however, he didn't want to experiment and possibly ruin someone else's life.

In the meanwhile, David had been writing down the characteristics and changes that had happened to both his brother, Karl, and Sam.  Both of them were attracted to David, but their personalities were completely different.  He had also searched through the internet on Sam's computer any information about that hiking trail or about guys randomly turning into girls.  So far, he wasn't able to learn about anything concrete.


As Simon took out the trash, he saw the new tenants; the big breasted girl was leaving for work while the teenage boy waved her off.  Before they showed up, Simon expected only one person to move in, but apparently there was some miscommunication.  Samantha, the girl, was extremely shy and she didn't want to stay alone.  They worked out a deal where the rent would increase a little bit and David, the boy, could stay with her.

Simon waved at David and David gave a small wave back.  Simon watched as David went back inside.  He was a little concerned about David because he never seemed to leave the apartment; usually the landlord didn't really concern himself with his tenants, but Simon felt an affinity for the teenager, probably something to do with having a son about the same age.

Simon was married, but his wife was gone on business trips for months at a time.  They weren't unhappy with each other, but they weren't exactly happy either.  They had two kids: a sixteen year old son and a twenty-two year old daughter who was off at college.  Because it was summer, his son, Riley, spent most of his time playing video games.  He didn't have many friends at school.  An idea formed in Simon's mind as he thought about both David and Riley.

He knocked on Riley's door and it opened a moment later.  "What is it dad?" Riley said.  Riley was a little heavier set, quite the opposite of Simon's slim build.  He had dark short hair and pale skin.

"There's a new movie that just came out last week.  Do you want to go?"

Riley gave his dad a strange look.  "With you?"  Simon nodded.  "Alright, I guess it's fine."

"I was thinking of also inviting the new kid that moved into one of our rooms; he seems to be about your age."  Riley shrugged that he didn't care.  "Great, we'll leave in an hour."

Simon closed the door and walked away from Riley's door.  For some reason, the last two days, he's had a lot of energy.  If he wasn't doing anything, he felt uncomfortable.  He didn't know why he was acting this way, but it definitely was not a bad thing.  He had always felt like he should be more active.  His body felt a little different and younger.  Another thing that had changed was when he looked in the mirror, his hair was less thin.  It made him really happy, since he had been balding for a long time.

However, almost as a side effect for the good stuff that had been happening, his eyesight got worse.  He went to the eye doctor to check them out and the doctor said he needed glasses.  He adjusted the frame as he still was not used to wearing them.

Feeling a little nervous, Simon went up to David's door and knocked on it.  


David heard the door knock; he was confused because he didn't know anybody who would actually visit him.  He opened the door and saw the landlord.  "Hello.  Is there a problem?" David asked.

"No, not at all.  My son who is about your age and I are going to a movie.  We were wondering if you'd like to come along."  Simon asked.

David's initial reaction was to say no.  However, as he thought about it, it sounded more appealing.  He had been stuck in a small apartment for the last two days and it would be nice to get out for a little while.  David didn't want to be holed up in his room for the rest of his life.  Besides, he didn't even know if the power still worked, since Simon was still the same.  He would just be careful and not touch anyone.   "Okay, that sounds nice.  Thanks."

Simon smiles cheerfully. "Great.  We can leave in an hour."  He turned and left.  David was slightly confused.  When he first met Simon, he seemed really unmotivated and apathetic.  Now, he was full of energy.  Perhaps something had changed; maybe the transformation didn't necessarily change a person into a girl.  David decided to keep a close eye on him and probably ask his son if anything was strange with him.

An hour later, David walked out the door.  He left a note for Sam telling her about the movie and he would be back soon.  He put on his brother's hat, a sweatshirt, and gloves; David hoped it would prevent him from touching other people, although it would be a little warm since it was still summer.  He saw Simon and his son waiting for him.  Simon started to wave energetically and his son gave his father a strange look.

"Hey," David said, greeting Simon's son, "I'm David.  Nice to meet you."

"Riley," he responded.  David could tell Riley wasn't exactly thrilled to be there; his attention seemed to be drawn to something else as he had a distant look in his eyes.  David could relate, since he also liked to keep to himself.  

"Alright, let's go," Simon said happily.  They got in the car and took a short trip to the cinema.  Simon talked the entire time about unimportant things, while David and Riley just listened, except when Simon asked David about wearing a jacket.  David responded shortly that he didn't like touching other people.

Simon left the two boys by themselves as he went to go buy the tickets.  David decided this was the best place to ask.  "So, has your dad always been so energetic?  He seemed really different when I first got here," David asked.

Riley shook his head.  "No, this just happened recently.  He's been acting really weird.  Maybe he's having some sort of midlife crisis."  After a few moments of awkward silence, Riley said, "So, what type of games do you like?"

When Simon came back with the movie tickets, David and Riley were talking excitedly about video games and other random things.  David felt relieved that he could talk about the things he liked and not worry about the strange things that had been happening to him the last few days.  "Alright, boys," Simon said brightly, "Let's get going before the movie starts."

The three of them made their way into the theater and found their seats.  As David walked down the row, he accidently bumped a guy's leg, but he didn't really think too much about it since he didn't actually touch him skin to skin.  David sat down and enjoyed the movie, forgetting his problems for a little while.


William loved watching movies.  He made sure to see as many as he could in the theater.  Even if the movie was terrible, he loved the atmosphere.  However, if there was one thing that came close to his love for movies, then it was his love for girls.  He always tried to bring a date to the movies so he could combine his favorite to things.

William considered himself handsome, with bright blue eyes, strong face, and short dark hair.  He was in his mid-twenties with a stable easy job that was not very high paying.  He didn't really care how much he got paid, as long as he could keep on watching movies.

He was on a date with a cute girl named Carol.  She had short red hair and a little plump.  William had talked with her a few times and she finally agreed to go out with him.  His relationships never lasted long; since all of his dates involved going to the movies, most of the girls would quickly get tired of him or get jealous since he would ask other girls out in between dates.  William knew this, but he didn't want to change.

William and Carol made their way to the seats and sat down.  There were a few minutes before the movie.  It was one of William's favorite parts during a movie; the excitement, anticipation, and mystery together with being with a cute girl always made his heart beat faster.  The couple talked quietly, making jokes at the lame ads and predicting how good the movie will actually be.  Carol was fun, smart and witty.  They got along well, as William was very sarcastic and knowledgeable; they could play off each other's words.

As they were talking, a man with two teenagers passed by in front of them.  One of the teenagers accidently bumped him on the knee as he passed by.  It was a common occurrence and usually he would pay it any mind, but it seemed to send a shock through his leg.

"Is something wrong," Carol said, a little concerned as she saw the surprised expression on his face.

"No, my leg just fell asleep," he said as he patted his leg, "It's not a big deal.  I think the movie is about to start."  Then, taking a little risk, he put his arm around her shoulders.  She would either lean forward to avoid his arm or accept it.  Carol seemed a little surprised about the arm, but she smiled and actually laid her head on his shoulder.  'Oh yes,' William thought, 'This is the life.'

The movie started.  Even though William had seen this movie before, it was still exciting and different watching it with someone new.  However, about thirty minutes into the movie, William's skin started to tingle.  He tried to ignore it, but it persisted.  It felt like hundreds of small insects were crawling on him.  With his free hand, he tried sooth himself without disturbing Carol, but it didn't help.  After about five minutes, it did stop; William gave a sigh of relief and sat back to watch the movie.

However, his relief didn't last long as is stomach began to hurt.  He was forced to let go of his date and clutch his stomach.  William apologized to Carol and rushed out the theater to the restroom.  He found a stall, pulled down his pants and sat on the toilet, expecting he had an upset stomach.  Nothing really happened and the pain subsided.  William was about to stand up, but he looked down and saw his thing was a lot smaller.  He just start at it feeling confused.  'One thing after another,' William thought.  He would need to go to the doctor soon.

Pulling up his pants noticing they didn't really fit properly, he walked out the stall and intended to tell Carol he wasn't feeling well and leave, but he saw a brief reflection in the mirror.  Surprised, he did at double take.  His skin had gotten tanner, as if his he had spent a week out in the sun.  His hair was also noticeably lighter from the dark black it was before; now, it was a light brown.  William didn't know what to think and he couldn't move away from his reflection.

All of a sudden as he stood watching his reflection, all of his facial hair fell off, leaving a smooth face.  William touched his face in astonishment; as he did, he saw that his arm was completely smooth as well.  Panicking, William started to search everywhere to see where he had lost hair.  When he lifted up his shirt, small hairs fell out, leaving behind a smooth chest.  The same happened when he checked his legs, which revealed smooth and surprisingly slender legs.

Fear started to grip him; he thought maybe he had somehow gone through some sort of radiation where all of his hair fell out and skin changed color.  He looked at his hair on top of his head, half expecting it to be falling out as well.  Unexpectedly, it was even thicker and longer than before.  It had also changed color again.  His hair was now a light pink.  William didn't know how his hair could be that strange color and still look completely natural.  He looked closer at his hair; it was actually visibly growing.  William never liked his hair too short, but now it reaching his shoulders.  He grabbed a fistful of hair, trying to force it to stop.

Closing his eyes, William tried to calm down.  He took deep breaths and managed to stop freaking out.  Oddly enough, he found comfort in the movies he had watched before.  He even managed a smile as he thought he might gain super powers as a result; he knew it wouldn't happen, but it still cheered him up.  He couldn't deny something was changing him.  He carefully opened his to see further changes.

William's hair had seemingly stopped growing, finding a resting place in the middle of his back.  Shockingly, he couldn't deny that his new hair looked beautiful.  William looked completely different with his hair like this.  Something tugged at his shirt, causing him to look down.

Wide eyed, William saw that his clothes were melting together.  Originally, he was wearing blue jeans and a green t-shirt.  Now, his pants and shirt were merging, forming an aqua green material; William touched it and it felt like silk.  Before he could fully comprehend why his clothes were changing, he felt a tingle on his face and his eyes were drawn back to the mirror.

He could see his whole face structure completely change.  His harder features softened and cheekbones rose a little.  His eyes became rounder and his lips grew fuller.  A switch seemed to flip in William's mind; it was like he was watching a movie: all of this was happening to someone else.   William was no longer a participant, but a mere observer, waiting expectantly for the next scene to happen.  And William knew exactly what was happening to him, even if he didn't know the why or how.

A pretty girl with pale violet eyes stared back at him.  She looked afraid, but she was gaining control over that fear.  The tan skin and long pink hair suited her well.  Her shirt no longer had sleeves and the collar of the shirt started to get wider and deeper.  The shirt was now completely made out of the green silk material.  Admittedly, she did look a little strange with broad shoulders and a flat chest, but William figured that she would change soon.

'I left the theater about forty-five minutes ago,' William thought idly, 'I bet Carol's wondering where I am.'  The girl in the mirror seemed to smile a little bit, as he pondered what Carol's reaction would be if she saw him like this.  The change continued once again.

William's shoulders began to ache, as if he had been weight lifting for hours.  He looked in the mirror the girl's shoulders were shrinking, becoming more petite.  William lifted up his arms and most of the muscle was gone as well.  The ache in his shoulders faded away and pressure built up in his chest.  Despite himself, William's heart began to race.  He knew what was going to happen next; he was both excited and afraid.

The pressure continued to build; William was forced to bend over the sink and clutch his chest.  The girl in the mirror did the same.  He felt something begin to press against his arms.  It started as two small mounds, but they continued to develop.  The pressure continued to increase, so much that he felt his chest would burst.  He looked down at his chest and he could see them rising.  The mounds became more tight and shapely.  Finally, the pressure subsided.  William managed to lift himself up enough to look in the mirror.

The girl gazed back at William; she was complete, as far as he could tell from the mirror.  Everything about her seemed perfect.  She didn't have any make up on, but she was still pretty.  Her hair was bright and smooth.  Her breasts matched perfectly with her size; they weren't too big or too small.  She was a little shorter than William, but not by much.  She was also younger, maybe 20 years old.  

William looked down and saw that he had a slimmer waist and wider hips.  He checked between his legs; it was no longer there.  He knew it would happen, but it still felt a little strange to be without it.  His boxers had transformed as well to panties and he noticed he was wearing a bra. His clothes, including his pants, had completely changed to the green silk material.  It was also tight across the waist and legs, so he could see the slender figure perfectly under the clothing.

All of a sudden, his legs seemed to snap together as the legs of his clothes pulled close.  The legs melted together and William was now wearing a long narrow dress that he couldn't move in.  Gradually, the dress started to rise and open up a bit more, showing his new toned legs.  As it rose past his knees, William didn't know how far it would rise.  As it kept on climbing, he couldn't help to get excited and that caused his chest to tighten.  It came to a stop above the middle of his thighs.

'Wow,' William thought, 'that's a short skirt.  Even a small breeze would cause it to…'  Almost by command, the door opened letting in a small breeze.  William gave a quiet gasp as the dress started to rise.  He quickly pulled the dress back down.  He looked toward the door and saw a guy staring wide-eye at him.  William just remembered he was in the bathroom; the boy's bathroom.  Quickly, too embarrassed to say anything, William rushed out.

Once he was far enough away, he found a window with enough of a reflection to see himself.  He found the pretty pink haired girl once again.  William noticed people were starting to stare at him, not only because he now looked like a pretty girl, but he was also wearing a formal dress.  He pretended to adjust his hair and act confident; the girl did likewise.  He made sure to stand in a feminine manner, with his hands on his waist.  He did it easily and naturally; it was like back in the bathroom where it was like he was watching someone else.  He decided to test something out.

After a few minutes, the movie he was watching ended.  Carol was one of the first people out the door; she did not look very happy.  William couldn't blame her since her date had just left her alone.  He took a deep breath and waved at Carol.

"Carol, hey Carol," William yelled in an excited feminine voice.  He almost faltered at how crystal clear his voice was.  Carol looked up questioningly.  William rushed over and grabbed her hands, causing Carol to become a little uncomfortable.  William continued excitedly and quickly, "Oh my gosh, I'm so glad that I found you.  I just ran into my cousin, William and he looked terrible.  He was moaning and holding his stomach and he just didn't look very good.  I took him back and he should be alright now."

A little overwhelmed, Carol could only nod.  William kept on talking before Carol could say anything.  "Anyway, I know my cousin picked you up so you don't have a ride anymore.  That's what I'm here.  I'll take you back home, so you don't have to worry about anything.  I'm a good driver and, luckily for you, I've got some free time.  Who knows, we might even become friends in the process…"  William kept on talking about random things pulling Carol along, not letting her say anything.

"Thanks," Carol managed to say, "but I'll just take a bus." Apparently, she really didn't want to get in a car with an overly hyped talkative girl who was a complete stranger.  William acted disappointed, but let her go.  As they waved their good byes, William gave a smile.  It was so easy to act as someone else in this body; it gave him a thrill and pleasure.  It also gave him an idea as he began to travel back home.

Once he got back, William sent a message to his work place that there was an emergency in his family and he needed to quit.  Then he started to research different acting auditions for the next movies.  Over the next week, William practiced different personalities and characters from movies.  He could completely get into any role.  The last day before the auditions, William created the personality of the girl who would be trying out.  She would be a little timid and humble off stage, but have confidence in her acting ability.  She would be nice to the fans, but strong enough to not let anybody take advantage of her.  Her name would be Wendy.  William was excited to see what she could do.

Finally, it was time for auditions.  Wendy waited anxiously in line for her turn.  She wasn't nervous that she would make a mistake or that she wouldn't make it; she was anxious because of excitement to finally be able to show the world what she could do.

William also waited with excitement; his whole life was now was like he was watching a movie.  He couldn't have been happier.


The credits began to roll and the dim lights grew brighter.

"That was a good movie," David said as he stretched.  He was glad he got out of the apartment to relax for a bit.  The stress ever since the cave had been draining him.  He felt as long as he was careful not to touch anybody, he would be fine.  Simon and Riley looked refreshed as well.

Simon looked over.  "Yep.  Shall we go?"  Both David and Riley nodded.  As they walked out, Simon said, "Why don't you come over to our apartment, David.  It's not good to be alone for a long time."

David thought for a short time; it should be fine if he was careful.  "Sure, sounds fun."  David looked over at Riley, "Do you have any games that I could try out?"

"Yep," Riley said, and then gave a small smile; that was the first smile David had seen him give.  "But I doubt you'll be able to beat me in any of them."

"We'll see about that," David replied, "Also, my sister might want to come over when she gets off work.  She's a pretty big gamer.  Is that alright?"  David hoped she was good at video games.

Simon nodded, "The more the merrier."  Riley also seemed to brighten at the prospect of a girl over at his home.

As they walked out of the theater, he saw a pretty girl with pink hair and a green dress outside talking to a girl; David thought idly why a girl would wear that kind of dress to the movies.  

It had been a good day.  David felt content, almost forgetting all of the problems he had.  However, David neglected to notice that Simon's hair was a little bit thicker and the way he walked had slightly changed.
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It's here. This chapter isn't really huge on plot or with the main character (most of it is with transformation). I'm taking my time with the plot, but it will pick up gradually.

Some things to point out: 1) it doesn't need to be direct contact for the transformation to occur (it can be through clothes), 2) if the girl doesn't see David, she's not magically attracted to him, and 3) there's a hint about the length of the transformations.

Anyway, let me know what you think and if there are any mistakes. If you're wondering where I've been the last week, go here: [link]
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Hmm, are you planning on adding more restrictions? The rules of the touch tg are actually pretty great and reasonable. This is one of the more decent tg writings I've read around. The change of perspectives were good, and I have a feeling that either Riley would be tged or David would tell him about his tg touch. Of course I'm probably wrong

Hope you update again sooner!
TheXtra89 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks. I might add a few more rules, but it's fine for now. Someone does find out about the power in the next chapter (so you weren't too far off).
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