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April 7, 2013
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Sam stared at David.  “I can’t believe you went to the waterpark without me.”  She blushed and turned around.  “I even got a new swimsuit I wanted to show off.”

“I’m sorry.  I promise I’ll take you next time.”

Sam turned back around, her eyes shining.  “You promise?”  David nodded his head.

“Now, what are we going to do with the rest of the group?” David said, as he gazed across the crowded apartment.  Including him, there were nine people.  Ellie and Aubree were giggling with Leah on the couch.  Alec was trying and failing to hit on Cassidy in the hallway; she wouldn’t even look at him.  Rachel was reading alone on another couch and Sophia offered to make snacks for the group.  Sam looked uncomfortable having so many people in her apartment.  David was also a little uncomfortable; he had never been very good in big groups, but he also felt responsible for all of the girls.

Alec, giving up on Cassidy, stood at a safe distance next to David.  “So, how’s it goin’?”

“Fine, but the girls seem to be multiplying.  No more experiments.”

“I agree.  We can’t take care of too many girls.  I’d like to know more about this power though, like if you could control it.  Maybe the cave has something there.  You haven’t gone back yet, right?”

David shook his head, “Not yet.”

“Food’s ready,” Sophia called holding a plate of turkey and ham sandwiches.  Everybody stopped what they were doing and gathered around her in the kitchen.

As everybody ate, David said to everyone, “Alright, shall we figure out what we’re going to do?  
First, where is everybody going to stay?  This apartment is way too small.”

“One or two of them can stay at my place.  My parents won’t mind,” Alec offered.


“We can take turns sleeping in David’s bed.  I think we can at least fit four of us in there,” Leah piped up.

“Uh, no.”

“Why don’t we just get another apartment?  I can talk with my dad and get a good deal,” Rachel said, still alone on the couch.  David didn’t think she was listening.

“That sounds good, but I don’t think he’d recognize you.”

Rachel held up her phone.  “I can text.  I can fake I’m mad at him, so I don’t want to go home.  I can also say that you and your sister have friends that want to stay with you for the summer and need a place to stay.”

“Great, but how are we going to get enough money?  I don’t think he’ll let them stay for free, especially if he hasn’t changed all the way.”

Cassidy spoke up, “I have some money saved up in the bank, but I’m only paying for myself.”

Leah spoke up.  “I’ve got some money too.  I’ll help pay for Ellie and Aubree, since they were younger than us.  Sophia, do you have money saved up?”  Sophia nodded; she had been quiet most of the time, as if she was unsure what to think about the whole situation.

“Awesome.  Rachel, can you text your dad about a new apartment that will fit five girls? Tell him I’ll come over in a few minutes to work out the details.  Ellie, can you come with me?  Don’t worry about Aubree; Sam can look after her.  Alec, can you take Leah, Cassidy, and Sophia to the bank to collect their money?”  Each of them nodded; it was going very smooth.  “Good, let’s get to it.”


Ellie sat on the couch next to David.  She let out a yawn.  Paperwork was so boring.  The man, Simon, kept on handing papers to David and Ellie.  David handled most of it, while occasionally handing a sheet for Ellie to sign.  Ellie began humming to herself to try to make the time pass faster.  She missed Anthony, or Aubree.  It was still weird to think of her like that.  She looked down at herself to see to two large breasts.  She giggled.  She remembered her life as a guy, but she felt really comfortable as a girl.

“So, Ellie was it?” Ellie looked up at the man.  Ellie knew the man was transforming into a girl, but he looked just like a regular middle aged man.  Perhaps if she saw him before she would notice the differences.

“Yes it is mister.”

“Congratulations on the new apartment.  We’ll need to have the rest of the girls come and sign some paperwork.”

“Okie dokie.”

The man turned to David.  “How is Riley doing?  He texted me saying he needed some space.”

“Oh, she’s doing just fine,” Ellie spoke up, “Although, she seems to be a little quiet and she loves to read a lot.”

“Ellie,” David said.  He stared at her, forcing to go quiet.  Ellie mouth ‘Sorry’.  David responded to Simon, “Sorry, she thought you were talking about one of her friends, Rachel.  Riley is doing fine; we became very good friends.  In fact, I was wondering if it would be alright if we go on a camping trip for a few days.”

“What?” Simon and Ellie said at the same time.

Ellie began to panic.  “You can’t go.  You didn’t tell me anything about it.”

“I know, I’m sorry.  I just decided a few moments ago.”

Simon adjusted his glasses; he seemed a little unsure of himself.  “I… I guess that’s fine.  He’s never taken an interest in camping before.”

The guys talked for a little longer, but Ellie wasn’t listening.  David was leaving, just as they were getting closer.  Why?  Why was he doing this?

“Let’s get going,” David said, “We have to go tell everyone else.”

Ellie grabbed David’s arm.  If she let go, he might disappear.  They walked back to the apartment and David announced he had something to say once everyone returned.  Ellie wouldn’t let go of his arm.

After a few minutes, Alec and his group walked through the door.  “Man, you girls definitely have a lot of money,” Alec said, “Maybe you’d like to share a bit.”  Ellie recognized Alec from the waterpark, but Alec told her to keep it a secret.  David might get angry if he found out.

“Alec, be quiet,” David said.

“I was just joking.  You don’t need to get angry.”

“Everyone, I have an announcement to make,” David said, “I’ve decided to go back to the cave where I got this power.  I need to find out anything I can.  Maybe I can even find a way to change everyone back.  I’m leaving in about an hour.  I wanted to make sure the apartment was taken care of before I left.”

“But I don’t want change back,” Ellie pouted.

“Yeah,” Cassidy spoke up, “I don’t want to go back to being a creepy old man.”

“Fine, I won’t change you back, but I need to find out more about this power.  I can’t live like this, not being able to touch anyone.”  David’s shoulders slumped.

Sophia walked over, placing her hands on his shoulders, “It’s alright, hun.  It’s not your fault.”  She turned to everyone.  “Let’s support him in this.  How long will you be gone?”

“About four days.  I’ll need to rent a car after taking a bus as close as I can.  Rachel, could you come with me?”

The room erupted as all of the girls started asking why they couldn’t go with him.

“Calm down,” David said, a little flushed, “The five new girls need to move into their new apartment and Sam has a job.  Rachel already has her stuff nearby.  I can’t take everybody.  Is that alright, Rachel?”  She nodded.

“You can take my car.”

“Alec?  Why?”

“It’d make it easier right?  Besides, I don’t think they rent out cars to sixteen year olds.  Unless you were planning on touching someone else.  Just keep it safe.  I’ve got a part-time job, so I can’t come with you.  However, if you find another crystal, bring one back for me, ‘kay?”

David laughed, “I don’t think so, but thanks for the car.”

Everybody helped David and Rachel prepare for departure.  It was sad for Ellie; she had only just met David, now he was going to be gone for a few days.  She would be spending time with a bunch of people she didn’t know, except for Aubree, in an unfamiliar place.  However, because of Aubree, Ellie put up a happy, energetic face.  Ellie felt so protective of Aubree and she didn’t want her to worry her.

After an hour, David was ready to go.  Rachel, as typical, was reading a book while waiting in the car.  Ellie couldn’t help but feel jealous that Rachel was going rather than her.  

David gathered everybody and said, “Okay, um, everybody make yourself as comfortable as possible.  Go out and buy new stuff, like clothes and furniture.  It might even be worthwhile to look for a job, or at least a hobby.  I’m sure you have some interests you want to try.  Sam, keep up your job; you’re doing great.  Sophia, could you look out for everyone?  Make you lock the doors and never be alone.”  David turned to Alec.  “Make sure they’re alright.  However, if you do anything to any of these girls… I hope I won’t have to do that.”

“You have my word.  These girls will be safe and sound in my care.”

David jumped in the car and drove away.  Leah piped up, “So, five bucks that he brings back two more girls.”

“I say three,” Cassidy said.

“Just one,” Aubree said quietly.

“None,” Sam said, “He’ll be careful.”

“Whatever you say, honey,” Alec said.


Alec’s plan was coming together perfectly.  First of all, he convinced and set up David to transform five girls in one day.  Then he gave him a thought for him to leave back to the cave for a few days.  Alec was amazed how easily it worked; people were so easy to manipulate to his will.  Now, Alec had six easily influenced girls at his disposal.  He just needed to play his cards right.

First would be Sam.  She’d be all alone in the apartment and her mind was weak.  Aubree was next; he just needed to separate her from Ellie for a short time.  Ellie would come after that.  Then Leah.  He was still deciding whether to try for Cassidy and Sophia.  He’d cross that bridge when it comes.

After David left, all of the girls set out to get ready.  Alec noticed Sam wasn’t as involved as the rest of the girls.  After all, she was first and she already had everything.  She seemed to ignore the rest of the girls, as if she was threatened by them.  She quietly withdrew from the group back to her own apartment.

Alec pointed out the bus stop and the bus number to the nearest mall.  Within a few minutes, the five new girls were gone to get new clothes.  Almost immediately, Alec was knocking on Sam’s door.

“What is it?” Sam asked as she opened the door.

“You seemed a little lonely.  Is there anything I can do?”

“Not from you!”  The door slammed in his face and the door locked.  Alec sighed, but he figured this would happen.  He pulled the master key from his pocked; he had snagged the key from Simon a few years ago.  He waited a few moments for Sam to move away from the door.  Then, Alec quietly unlocked the door and locked the door behind him.

Alec walked to Sam’s room and saw Sam working on her computer.  She was wearing a plain blouse and a professional business skirt.  When Sam saw Alec, her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to scream.  Alec rushed over and covered her mouth.

“Don’t scream,” Alec whispered in her ear, “You don’t want anybody else to find out what’s about to happen.  I mean, what would David think if he found out?  So, no screaming, ‘kay?”

Sam nodded her head.  She was scared and confused, but she didn’t say anything as Alec removed his hand.  Alec grabbed her arm and dragged her to the bed.  As she lay there, her innocent face began to pale as she realized what was about to happen.  “No, no, please no,” she whispered.

Alec moved on top of her and removed her blouse.   Her firm breasts wrapped by the bra shook as she breathed quickly.  “Why should I stop?  Because I’m not David?  I’m not worried at all.  Anyway, you’re not real.  You’re a manifestation of your male self’s ideal girl.  You don’t exist on any records.”  Alec kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear again.  “You don’t exist.”  Tears streamed out of Sam’s eyes.

It was strangely empowering, sitting there on top of her.  Alec had complete power over her, both mind and body.  He felt suddenly jealous of David.  He had this great power and he could change anybody into his personal beauty slave, and yet David did nothing with it.  If only he had that power…

“Sam, I’m back,” a voice came from the hallway, “I forgot to print off a map.  Can I use…”  David was standing in the doorway, looking at Alec on top of Sam.

Alec quickly jumped off of Sam.  “David, my friend, it’s not what it looks like.  We were just…”

“Sam, come here.  It’s alright.  Put on a shirt and leave us alone.”  Sam left, after giving David a quick hug, thanking him.  He closed the door.  David turned to Alec.  “I warned you.”  His eyes were full with anger.

“Calm down man, calm down.”  Alec’s only choice was to run away.  He grabbed a lamp and threw it at David.  David dodged it easily and rushed towards Alec.  He trapped Alec in the corner, making it impossible to leave without touching David.  “I thought you didn’t want to change any more people.”

“I can make exceptions,” David said.  David punched Alec hard in the face.  Alec’s vision spun as he was knocked to the ground.  David looked down at him.  “I wonder what type of girl you’ll make.”  David walked out of the room.

Alec began to panic.  His skin began to burn and his insides churned.  The transformation would be fast.  Alec watched his hands shrink and become more petite.  His hips burst out and waist became narrower, making his jeans feel strange.  He stood up, shaking, and noticed he was a good six inches shorter.  He also noticed his hair grew out, almost reaching his shoulders.  He felt after a short pressure, his chest jutted out into two large perky breasts.  Alec grabbed them; in any other circumstance, grabbing breasts would have excited him, but it only filled him with fear.

Alec was wearing causal button down shirt over a t-shirt.  After Alec’s breast formed, his undershirt disappeared, revealing his body through his unbuttoned shirt.  Then, his shirt moved and tied itself tightly right below his chest, supporting and pushing up his breasts.  His cleavage was easily seen.  His jeans began to shrink, revealing his long and slender legs until it stopped right below his shapely butt.  

Alec’s mind began to get fuzzy.  He felt like he really needed to see David.


David tried to calm down, but the anger wouldn’t go away.  He hit the wall and said, “Why would he do that?”  David should have figured he would try something like this, but David was prone to trust others too easily.

He walked to Sam, who was sitting on the couch and hugging her knees.  “Are you alright?”

She looked at him with tears in her eyes, “Do you hate me now?”

“Why would I hate you?  Everything was his fault; he’s receiving his punishment right now.”

“Did you touch him?”  

David nodded.  “He should almost be done now.”  David only imagined the transformation to take about two minutes.  

Just then, the door opened and a beautiful orange, short haired girl stepped out.  She had on short jeans that barely covered anything, a collared shirt that was tied closed, which revealed her large cleavage, and bright green eyes.  She gazed at David; her face looked vacant, as if she had no emotion at all.

“Alec?” David asked.


“Okay, Alex.  Do you feel alright?  You might want to try on different clothes.”  It was getting awkward looking at her.

“Do these clothes not please you?” she replied in a monotone voice.  She then began to untie the shirt.  “Would it please you that I don’t wear a shirt?”

“No! Keep your shirt on,” David said quickly.

“Oh no, the shirt came untied.  Can you help me tie it back up?”

David glanced at Sam; she was still in shock.  He didn’t trust Alex not to do anything if he got close.  It was Alec’s ideal girl after all.

Just then, the front door opened and Rachel walked in.  “David, you’re taking a long time.  Do you need…? I take it that’s Alec.”

“Rachel, perfect timing!  Yes, it is; Alex now.  I’ll explain later.  Can you help her put on new clothes.  She’s coming with us.”

“Ah, that’s too bad; I hoped it would be the two of us.  Oh well, come here, Alex.  I’ll find you something better to wear.”

David didn’t trust Alex to remain at the apartment in this state.  However, it would make the trip more interesting.
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It's been over a month since the last chapter. Sorry, I've been a bit busy. Anyway, Alec finally got what was coming to him. I wanted to get further into the story, but it was getting too long. I'll having to push Simon's transformation back once again. Next chapter will be the trip back to the cave and what they find there.
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